Urban Rooftop Farming

Our Story

Chef William Belickis

Violet Farm is the foundation of everything we do at Violet. Growing our own vegetables and preparing them in the food we serve to our Guests is our core mission and value.

As a restauranteur in Capitol Hill, I am blessed with this opportunity to grow most of Violet's vegetables right on the roof of Violet. This makes tending and harvesting easy with close and direct access to fresh ingredients daily. This is a great neighborhood and this is our way of contributing back to the local community.

In Violet Farm's first season - we were able to grow amazing vegetables our Guests enjoyed in our "American Omakase" cuisine. Our harvests throughout Violet Farm's growing season included strawberries, peas turnips, kohlrabis, carrots, radishes and other fabulous seasonal vegetables. I thoroughly enjoyed this first season and getting my hands dirty with the Violet Farm. I can't wait for our second season to begin. I have so much planned and can't wait to share them with you.

Thank you to the dedicated staff at Violet Farm for all the great care and tending to the farm's daily needs and the amazing vegetables that we proudly serve at Violet. I could not have brought this vision to Violet's Guests without your partnership. Lastly, I want to thank our friends, neighbors and loyal supporters of Violet. We love being part of this community and look forward to delivering great tasting and nourishing food to everyone.

~ William Belickis

image of violet farm carrots on rooftop


image of violet farm on rooftop
image of chef william belickis working on violet farm on rooftop
image of peas, violet farm on rooftop
image of kohlrabi, violet farm on rooftop
image of strawberry, violet farm on rooftop
image of radish harvest
image of violet farm on rooftop
image of harvest
image of asparagus risotto