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Finest Ingredients From Around The World, To Your Kitchen Table.


Violet restaurant is located in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Chef William Belickis helms a compact kitchen to deliver delicate, seasonal ingredients, curated to the smallest details. Through simple elegance and intimate hospitality, Violet offers a unique American Omakase dining experience inspired and influenced by Spanish, France and Italian cuisine. There is a strong emphasis and dedication to local ingredients sourced from trusted farms/purveyors, as well as the finest ingredients the world has to offer.

News & Announcements

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JAPAnese a5 wagyu

New to Violet's American Omakase - Japan's finest ingredient, A5 Wagyu!

Chef william belickis presents:





FEBRUARY 19, 2020

$150 Per Person. RSVP Now! Event details on our Facebook.

Chef william belickis presents:




Nick Bernstein


MARCH 11, 2020

$150 Per Person. RSVP Now! Event details on our Facebook.

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Seattle cocktail week!

march 3 - 5

Learn more about the event and follow on facebook.

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Violet Seattle Launches Sustainable Organic Food!

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Ishka Farms to deliver the best organic products to your kitchen table.

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This holiday, simplify your holiday purchases with Violet dining Gift Cards. These Violet Gift Cards make great stocking stuffers. Physical Gift Cards are available at Violet restaurant or purchase eGift Cards online here.

American Omakase Experience

Violet, voted Best New Restaurant 2019, by Seattle Magazine, is the newest concept by executive chef William Belickis. Violet offers a unique American Omakase dining experience influenced by French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine.

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Experience Chef William Belickis's American Omakase, a personalized 5-course seasonal tasting menu. Wine pairing is available

Organic Capers

Capers sourced from the Capparis Spinosa plant or simply the Caper Bush are little piquant avour bombs that holds salty, acidic and mildly spicy avour notes. An ideal addition to Mediterranean and Italian cuisine; they are excellent to bring out a burst of avour to any savoury dish.

Capers are a good source of antioxidants, minerals and are also rich in vitamins - A, K, Niacin, and Riboavins. While being rich in fibre, they also store flavonoid compounds such as Rutin and Quercetin. Capers are flavorful as well as healthy.

Organic Caperberries

Organic Caperberries by Ishka Farms

Freshly picked and bottled, these delicious, crunchy Caper Berries in brine are the perfect ingredient to bring out a complex flavor. Used as pickles or simply as a quick nosh alongside antipasto, these salty-sour morsels are the fruit of the caper bush. Caper Berries are milder in flavor than capers and are just on top of a pizza or salads.

Organic Moringa

Photo of organic moringa powder.

Organic Moringa Powder by Ishka Farms

Ishka Farms Moringa Powder is made from powdering hand-harvested shade -dried leaves of organically grown Moringa Olifera trees. Moringa has a highly impressive nutrient prole and is versatile enough to be a part of an everyday diet. It is an excellent bre rich source of vitamins, minerals, and bio available plant protein. Packed with 46 types of Antioxidants and 36 anti-inammatory compounds, this 'Super food' should be a staple in your daily diet.

Sea Salt

Photo of sea salt.

Graded Sea Salt

India’s long coast line is home to innumerable salt pans. On the east coast, the Tuticorin salt pans produce flavoursome salt from the sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean. Use in everyday cooking "finishing salt" and baking to enhance the flavour of any cuisine.

Photo of caper salt.

Organic Caper Salt

Open the bottle to experience the wonderful tangy, aromatic and intense flavors of CAPER SALT or simply caper powder that add a delightful touch to Salads or any snack. Caper salt is made from dried caper flowers and capers that have been cured in salt, sun dried and then powdered.

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