Violet's american omakase

American Omakase is the spirit by which Violet Seattle was founded upon in 2018. Our vision is to deliver deliver high quality dining and entertainment experiences to people around the world through carefully curating Violet experiences and partnering with the finest producers from around the world to deliver high quality, healthy and sustainable ingredients to our customer's kitchen table.

Our group with 75+ years collective experience in Food, Hospitality, Media and Consumer Products, working for the biggest Companies in the World, launching Global consumer brands and products and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Chef William Belickis helms Violet, voted Seattle’s “Best New Restaurant” in 2019. Violet offers a unique “American Omakase” dining experience inspired and influenced by Spanish, French, and Italian cuisine.

“He’s a chef who has been crafting tasting menus from the start—long before such a large number of Seattle’s higher-end places began offering them. And it’s a worthy experience, particularly if you give him carte blanche.”

— Seattle Magazine