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seattle artist Brena patchen

Artist Brena Patchen’s emotive paintings combine her love of movement and color into contemplative works which explore visually striking and emotionally stirring aspects found in diverse inspirations from life. These inspirations come in all shapes and forms – abandoned places, locations travelled, glorious sunrises, glowing night skies, favorite songs, life experiences that shape our inner being. How do experiences like these make us feel when we contemplate their reverence? What stirs within us? Can some form of beauty be unveiled within if we look deep enough? How does this help shape us and does it change how we view ourselves? Pondering questions such as these, the act of painting becomes more than just the physical aspect of putting a brush to canvas; it is meditative, clarifying, even spiritual as the paint itself becomes an extension of emotional expression.

Brena uses oils and acrylics to contemplate these fleeting, poetic moments in life, capturing their essence so that it may allow us time to pause and reflect. Her work can best be described as impressionistic, at times leaning towards abstract expressionism. A meditation in color, texture and mood serves as the uniting principle of her work, regardless of subject matter. It is her hope that viewing her artwork will cause you as much reverence as the act of painting the subject did for her.

Brena moved to Seattle four years ago from sunny northern California after falling in love with the area and its vibrant art scene. Her artwork has been displayed at Urban Light Studios, the Greenwood Art Collective and A/NT Gallery in Seattle, in addition to being showcased at local art walks, pop-ups, festivals, and live painting events. She feels blessed to now call Seattle her home, eagerly embracing the inspiration that draws from living within such a vibrant culture. She looks forward to seeing how the energy of this great city translates into her body of work and welcomes the imaginative journey ahead of her.

paintings BY brena patchen

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