About Us

Violet Seattle was founded in 2018. The same passion for food brought us together. Our group with 75+ years collective experience in Food, Hospitality, Media and Consumer Products, working for the biggest Companies in the World, launching Global consumer brands and products and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Our mission will be to conceptualize, create, commercialize and market experiences built around food-as-lifestyle and delivering the best the world has to offer to our Guests.

Passion For Quality

We are passionate about food and sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to deliver our cuisine. We are committed to quality, sustainability and transparency with our producers and suppliers. We take pride in the food we serve to our Guest and look forward to serving you.

Chef William Belickis

"I'm so excited to bring my love and passion to the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The intimate space of Violet will be the perfect canvas to create and share my art with the world."

Distribute Violet Organic Foods

Premium Quality Ingredients

Interested in being a Violet distribution partner? We are always looking for great partners to work with.